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Clay's Corner

At times, I have a great sense of need to express to you what I believe the Holy Spirit may be saying through me. And events have so speeded up that I want to be sensitive to those moments and to be as prayerfully careful of communicating them as I am of crafting Nightlight.

I hope you will pass my thoughts along. If I did not believe they are important enough to spread, then I would not write them.

Thank you for years of walking together, and for those who are new, thank you for your interest. I pray this will be helpful to you as we enter this strange new world.

6/9/21 What Marriage Should Be

3/24/21 Thoughts After a Tragic Fire

1/10/21 What I Know at Present

11/8/20 Jesus Movies - Helpful or Hurtful?

9/26/20 Seeds of Hell

9/10/20 His Will, Not Mine

9/2/20 The Thirty-Second Cure

8/24/20 Atmospheres

7/29/20 Do You REALLY Want Reality?

7/21/20 Little Signs of Hope

7/16/20 How Desperate are You?

7/10/20 Do You Need a Hiding Place?

7/2/20 Not Ever Seen the Righteous Forsaken?

6/25/20 Telling Yourself the Truth

6/14/20 This Shaking is Necessary, Even Merciful

6/9/20 I Wish I Had Learned This Much Earlier

6/4/20 Seeing Clearly Now by Looking at the Long Term

5/30/20 Can We Wound God's Heart?

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